The Bildopolis Big Bilder kit gives kids the freedom to build their own world without rules, in a simple, fun, ecologically friendly way that challenges them to think outside the (cardboard) box.

The Big Bilder kit includes 26 Bilding Boards, 100 Bilding Dots and a Bilding Manual all in a convenient storage box.

You can build an infinite number of structures with the Big Bilder kit. See just a few examples below and more by Bilders from around the world.

Bildopolis encourages creativity, imagination, spatial awareness, dexterity and teaches kids to think in 3D.

Bildopolis is for kids ages 6 and up.
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What's in the kit?
• 26 Bilding Boards
Recyclable and compostable, all of the boards are made from
40% recycled-content cardboard.

• 100 Bilding Dots
5 colors in a cloth storage bag.
Dots hold everything together!

• 1 Bilding Manual
Instructions, building tips and Bilding ideas.
Basic Squares
There are eight 24" basic squares. They are used to make walls or roofs.
8 basic squares
There are six rectangles. They are half the width of the squares.
6 rectangles
There are eight triangles. They can make a pyramid roof.
8 triangles
Special Squares
There are four special squares to use for doors, windows, skylights...
4 special squares
5 colors all stay organized in a cloth storage bag.
100 Dots

What Can I Bild
All this and more!

We want to see your creations.
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other citizens of Bildpolis have
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